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Best Organic Face Wash

Thousands and even millions of toxins found in everyday face wash have driven many people in search of the best organic face wash available.

However even though there are practically thousands available in the market, not all will work well with you as it did another person.

With safety a priority, looking for an effective cleanser that will not strip the body of its natural oils is important. In this case to be able to get the best organic face wash for you, here are five things you need to consider.

Best Organic Face Wash

1. Content ingredient

When it comes to looking for the best organic face wash, the ingredients found in the different types of face wash should be your only deciding factor.

The best organic face wash should contain only natural plant oils, essential oil blends and fruit/plant extracts. This is to ensure that only bioactive compounds for product potency are available in the wash.

In addition water should be the main ingredient in the face wash containing up to 75% of the ingredients. Ensure that the face wash you purchase does not contain ingredients such as petroleum, sodium lauryl sulphate or fragrances as this is harmful to your skin.

2. Skin type

Your skin type is another important aspect to consider before settling on one type of face wash. A simple test can be done to determine your skin type.

Still it is important to note that skin types can change from season to season and that the same organic face wash can fail to be effective in summer as it is in winter.

Also with age, the skin type changes and tests should be done after six months for those over the age of 45 years. Skin types are classified under oily, dry, sensitive, combined (oily T-zone and the rest dry) and normal skin types.

3. Immediate reactions

Testing an organic face wash is the best way to determine the right one for you; this is done by judging with immediate reaction experienced. In this case, if your skin feels itchy, dry or even tight, it’s best to look for another cleanser.

This comes about as the only expected experience is that the face feels the same, just a little lighter once the dirt is removed.

4. Level of cleanliness

Another way to determine the face cleanser is the best organic face wash is by testing after use. In this case, immediately after cleaning, use a wet cotton ball to wipe your face.

If it contains dirt, it is best to look for another cleanser. Additionally, test whether the cleanser leaves a residue after cleaning.

This can be done by dragging a finger on your face and dipping it into a cup of water if it is clear then the face wash is the right one.

5. All in one cleanser

In addition to just a cleanser, you may want more properties such as anti-aging properties or acne removal face wash if you are suffering from it.

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In this case, the best organic wash will contain the additional properties you seek without any harmful side effects.

All in all, with the journey of finding the best organic face wash difficult, it is important to use the information as a guide as it can be quite costly to keep on testing for the right face wash.

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