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Eczema Face Mask

Eczema is a condition that causes the skin to become irritated or inflamed, which is why it requires specialized dermatological products like Eczema Face Mask and moisturizers to treat it.

In the U.S. about 35 million Americans are affected by eczema, some of which can outgrow it just before puberty.

But for those who will continue to have it throughout their lives, merely applying a face wash will not just cut it.

When it comes to having eczema, there needs to be a lifestyle change that can help you cope with the itchiness and the pain that it brings.

Here we give a rundown of lifestyle tips and recommendations to help you or someone you know who has been living with eczema.

Purchase mild soaps Soaping your body will dry up your skin because it is washing off microbes that get removed when you use harsh soaps like anti-bacterial soap.

The reason is they are removing the good bacteria off our skin that prevents us from getting acne or eczema.

What you can do is purchase mild soaps instead, like Dove moisturizing soap. Remember that only your underarms and groin area need constant soaping.

From face to neck, just lather an Eczema Face Mask; but for other parts of your body, just use a moisturizing soap.

Know what triggers your eczema Think of eczema as an allergy, and it has triggers that cause it to inflame or to itch until it is painful.

The best way to prevent those “attacks” from happening is if you know what triggers your eczema. It could be dust, food, household cleaners, or perfume.

One of the tests you can take is a skin prick test which checks allergic reactions. Another way is taking note of all the activities you do in a day and recounting when your eczema was triggered.

Avoid purchasing products with harmful chemicals to prevent further aggravating your eczema, avoid buying scented or fragrant products which may include toxic chemicals.

These products can range from the perfume that you use, makeup, soap, even after shaves and lotions. Instead, always look for mild products that not have additives or harsh chemicals.

Some people who have eczema are choosing products which are natural or organic, and this could also be the best choice for you.

Use temperature control at home Eczema can flare up when there is a change in humidity and temperature. While you cannot do anything about the weather, you can always control the temperature at home.

If it becomes too hot, turn on the air-conditioning or focus the electric fan on you so that the heat will not trigger eczema.

If it is too cold, use a humidifier so that your skin will not become too dry. Try not to scratch eczema patches, your Eczema Face Mask can only do so much.

If you keep scratching it, you will only damage your skin. Help your face wash or other eczema products treat your skin by trying not to scratch it.

Yes, it is itchy, but scratching may cause pain, or worse, skin infection. Instead, you can always use a cold compress to minimize the itch.

Do not be stressed This is easier said than done because a lot of things can stress us out like work or school. Stress can trigger an eczema flare up. Imagine being frustrated already and then feeling itchiness and pain on your skin.

To avoid this, do some deep breathing exercises until you have calmed down. Some people have even tried getting into yoga at least once a week to reduce stress.

Consult your doctor about eczema medication If it has gotten to a point where the eczema flare ups are already affecting your work or your social life, consult your dermatologist about medicine that can help ease your discomfort. They will most likely prescribe creams or eczema facial wash.

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