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Indoor Tanning Lotion

Do you know which the best indoor tanning lotion is? Like many other people, you probably don’t. In fact, you’ve never taken the time to look around and compare the different products on offer.

The fact remains that more and more people are opting to tan themselves indoors. Many see it a better option than lying outside in the hot sun, while others love the fact that you can tan yourself anytime without depending on the sun.

However, not all products will work for you and the more reason you need to compare different product. The best lotion for indoor tanning has the following characteristics:

Fast Tanning

The best indoor tanning lotion will tan your skin much faster than lying under the hot sun. The product contains active compounds that help in the process.

Some boast the blood supply to the skin and in the process enhance the production of the skin pigment also known as melanin. The higher the concentration, the darker the skin will be.

Others have a silicone base that traps more moisture without creating an oily film that would interfere with the process. Some types are based on dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a special sugar that uses amino acids to darken the skin.

Healthy Skin

An excellent product not only improves your skin’s texture and color but health as well. It will eliminate imperfections such as fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, will make the skin smoother, softer and more elastic, and will also remove toxins, germs, and bacteria.

The lotion serves as a moisturizer and improves the hydration level, and this eliminates dry or flaky skin.

It also opens up the pores allowing sebum (skin oil) to escape from the body and this combats oily skin. The lotion also conditions the skin and gives it a smoother and well-balanced appearance.

Stay Bronzed Longer

Tanning is not about achieving a darker complexion but also maintaining this state for longer. This is what differentiates normal or standard types from the best indoor tanning lotion.

Top brands will take a shorter time and will tan your body pretty fast. However, the bronze effect will still be noticeable even after several hours have elapsed.

The longer the tan stays, the more efficient the process. Nonetheless, how long you stay bronzed is also influenced by your skin types.

Some people may experience a bit of burning sensation, other require slow tanning, while some can tan much faster. There are some who will tan almost instantly, and the bronzing effects stay on for quite a while. It’s paramount to understand your skin type.


Indoor tanning improves the blood and air supply, minimizes wrinkles and fine lines, moisturizes the skin, and also soothes your skin.

Nonetheless, you need to do it right to experience the amazing results. Rule of thumb is first to understand the kind of skin you have.

Typically, they are classified in six different categories. You also need to start slow ensuring the sessions only take a few minutes. You can increase the intensity and duration as you get used to it.

In addition to getting quality, darker and long lasting tans, the best indoor tanning lotions guarantee you of maximum satisfaction.

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